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Federated Mint Offers Valuable Government-Issued Coins in Unsearched Vault Bags

Federated Mint is a company that has been strongly committed to offering most attractive deals and prices, since its inception. The company has more than 75,000 satisfied customers that can testify for this. Federated Mint is an industry leader and its representatives recently announced the re-release of some coins that date back to the 1800s. These coins were first issued by the US government. Collectors from across the country have opportunity to own these coins, through the unsearched vault bags the company will release.

According to Federated Mint, only the residents of specific zip code areas are given the unique chance of grabbing the limited coins of high collectible value. They anticipate the demand to greatly exceed their supply, so they decided to spread this special offer to US citizens who are eligible as per a distribution list covering certain zip codes in a given state. Those who qualify have 48 hours after the publication of the advertisement to call the National Toll-Free Hotline and snatch some of these vault bags at a bargain price.

As part of this deal, buyers will be getting bags loaded with more than two pounds of US government-issued coins, among them some that are over a century old and worth as much as 50 times their face value. These include highly sought-after or extremely rare collectibles such as the Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar, President Eisenhower Dollars, Silver Franklin Half Dollars, President Kennedy Silver Half Dollars, Silver Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar, American Bicentennial Quarters, Liberty V Nickels, the Indian Head one cent coin, and the last ever minted Buffalo Nickels. Those who make the deadline will benefit from a vault bag fee of just $249 while the amount for the rest has been set at $349, Federated Mint points out.

As with any purchase in the world of coins and collectibles, prospective buyers always wonder about the value of the unsearched vault bags. But the truth is that it’s impossible to predict since coin values always fluctuate, and collectors cannot rely on guarantees. However, Federated Mint can say with certainty that every unsearched bag weighs more than two pounds and is known to contain at least one silver Walking Liberty coin, and that coin alone could be worth $15 to $325 in collector value. As Federated Mint notes, these bags have been securely sealed and the dates were never searched since they were loaded, so there is no telling what other valuable finds are in store for their new owners.

Coin and collectible giant, Federated Mint operates from headquarters in Massillon, OH, specializing in collectible coins, currency, and precious metal products. The company typically notifies prospective buyers of its various offers through full-page advertisements printed in papers nationwide. Federated Mint is not affiliated with any United States government agency or bank.

Federated Mint Offers Up Jumbo to Residents in Select States:

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